Haus of Roeni

About Haus Of Roeni

Haus of Roeni is a leading global party planning business, whose iconic events are designed and developed exclusively to ensure an unrivalled level of detail, service and discretion, for a limited number of clients each year.

The Haus of Roeni team are driven by founder James Roe’s immersive approach to design and guest experience. His creative approach and ideals are harnessed by our dynamic and highly knowledgable planners, producers and esteemed suppliers. The undertaking of any project, from a week long party on a private island, to a luxurious wedding in Budapest is consistently executed with the utmost style and professionalism. Having quickly established a reputation for cutting edge and unique events, Haus of Roeni is now the ‘go to’ event company for those wanting something extraordinary and memorable for their guests.


About James Roe

James Roe is one of the UK’s leading event designers and party planners.

James started out as a designer with a firm belief that every event should start with a great invitation and design concept. Before long his attention to detail, creativity and innovation spilled over into styling and then the overall design of full events.  Having worked alongside many of the worlds best party planners and agencies, Haus of Roeni was born.

“When I design for an event I build up a vivid and detailed picture in my head, that incorporates every single element of an event to create a multi sensory experience for every single guest. I launched Haus of Roeni as I wanted events to be presented exactly how I had designed, envisioned and intended them to be. I was never happy just being a brush stroke in someone else’s painting, I wanted to present the full work of art”.